Tips for Finding Bad Credit, No Credit Check Or Broken Lease Apartments In Durham NC

bad credit apartments Raleigh-Durham NC

If you have bad credit or a previous broken lease in Durham North Carolina, finding a rental apartment that will approve you may not always be that easy. This is because most of them have a routine procedure of checking all applicants’ credit or rental history. Some apartments are lenient and depending on the current occupancy rates in the area, they may be able to approve if you meet certain requirements. These types of apartments do not usually advertise so finding them can be a challenge. Let us examine a few tips to locate these types of rental units in the city of Durham.


First, Figure Out What You Want

The first step in your bad credit apartment search is to carefully identify all of your needs before embarking. Create a list of all the amenities, features, sizes, and so on. Sometimes when you have bad credit or a broken lease, there is a tendency to think that you’ll only get the worst of apartments. This is not necessarily the case. On the flip side, your credit rating may not get you the best apartments in town either and you must therefore be ready to make concessions as far as what luxuries you are willing to sacrifice.

Do Your Homework

No Credit Check Apartments In Durham NCMany people overlook this fact but one of the best ways to locate rental units that will be willing to give you a second shot is to use an apartment locator. There are dozens of these in Durham and these can help unlock the approval you are seeking. Locators also have relationships with area leasing managers and can get you in on a good deal. Research can be done online and also using local classifieds and rental magazines. Since bad credit rental apartments do not readily advertise, you need to conduct good research before launching an application.

Prepare Your Paperwork

Finding an apartment that will be willing to work with you is the first step. The next step is going through the application process. Because your credit is tarnished, apartments may require a higher security deposit and even higher rent. Be prepared for this. They may also require you to furnish proof of employment and a letter explaining why your credit was tarnished and the steps you are taking to rectify this.

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Tips for Finding Bad Credit, No Credit Check Or Broken Lease Apartments In Durham NC

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